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Just After We Meet

After we meet,
we lied and smiled
then we both wink the cloud
got a sit in an honeymoon

'To The Woman I Love'

This night, i have been twice in conflict of love;
wonder what time of night it was;
which overflowed with murmur
murmured from sea and birds

New Moon From The East

A day is at rest
and a month had cease to live
hardly my heart beat
to all my hope despaired

Not Yet Dawn

My day is not so long like a tedious tale,
as the tone is well known
thou; is not yet dawn,
but I rose from my nightmares


Fire thus;
and gun race;
bullet did not stop; but counting

Mohammed Abideen Oluwalonsola Quotes

14 October 2017

'Love Is Like A Combat Game, Easy To Download But Hard To Play'

25 February 2018

'morrow often come, and today is never yesterday'

25 July 2018

For everything that was; is or will be

25 July 2018

''Birthday is not all of sudden, its often said to lovely friends and relations''

18 March 2020

'it's amazing that today is your birthday. Knowning that you are 1+ is quite a blessing'

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M.Mathew 27 February 2018


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Mary Abela 25 February 2018

Its very good to be creative

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Graham Author 25 February 2018

Poems i mean

6 1 Reply

Thank you all, am very grateful for all your comment

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Ugho Racheal 06 March 2018

Nice one good of you

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 April 2020

Abideen Oluwalonsola is a kind and fine poet who pens poems about life, nature, love, and other awesome topics. May his poetic journey be fruitful in the midst of troubled world, bringing inspiration to many.

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Uhmmmmmmm...... Silent thou

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Uba Lawrence 25 June 2018

Perfect job. Really amazing

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Amy Logan 15 May 2018

Lovely Poems..

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Paragon love 07 March 2018

its such a lovely and beautiful poems

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