Mohammed Abideen Oluwalonsola Poems

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Just After We Meet

After we meet,
we lied and smiled
then we both wink the cloud
got a sit in an honeymoon

'To The Woman I Love'

This night, i have been twice in conflict of love;
wonder what time of night it was;
which overflowed with murmur
murmured from sea and birds

New Moon From The East

A day is at rest
and a month had cease to live
hardly my heart beat
to all my hope despaired

Not Yet Dawn

My day is not so long like a tedious tale,
as the tone is well known
thou; is not yet dawn,
but I rose from my nightmares


Fire thus;
and gun race;
bullet did not stop; but counting


From here silent though;
base on the soft baritone
answering bird soprano
yet; my door stayed closed,

'Try Not To Be'

The strong men in the world
wealthy men of the land
rich and nobles of the earth
those men of evil they got

After Independent

By their evade, gods heed us late
evict; but still feeble does
felony rules like an old age with imp
thee err, or thee err not;

The Truth

Here nut was raised to worship;
gods and ancestors of our home land,
dog was laid to slaughter;
to appeal gods of rain and light

Birth Day

Birth was hard and bitter agony for us;
even so thy women stood at gaze and smiled,
what a painful day for women, bond by birth
when her soul knew at length the love it nursed

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