Bits And Pieces Shop Poem by Pamela lutwyche

Bits And Pieces Shop

There is a man, whose name is Phillip and he owns a shop. In his shop he has lots of carvings of heads, hands, feet, animals, manikins and various other things, which he sells. The shop is called bits and pieces. One night when Phillip had locked the shop and gone home, things began to happen, things started to come alive, the wood started to breath. Heads went to bodies, arm’s come as well and feet were on the move. They all come together. What strange things they did look. They were walking about talking too. There was such a noise in the shop, Singing, dancing a piano was being played. Now since that night a long time ago, they no longer look strange any more to me. I have become used to them and there is no doubt in my mind, if you saw them too, you would smile at the things that they get up too…
What am I?
I hear you ask,
I am a grey mouse.
I live in the shop.
The shop is my home.
The bits and pieces men
are my friends.

They were funny thing to see.
They were strange at first to me,
but they do all they can,
to make me laugh,
they are a good bunch.

I know this to be true,
for I know everyone,
and they all know me too.
They laugh dance and sing,
one even plays the piano.

What strange magic is this?
Who made them come to life?
And will the bits and pieces men,
one day need, a bits and pieces wife…

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