Balloon Lady Poem by Pamela lutwyche

Balloon Lady

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There was an old lady
She went up in a balloon,
She went to have a dance
With the man from the moon,
When she got there
Oh what a surprise,
An orchestra
Of a massive size!
When she came back
She told everyone
Oh, how they laughed
And sniggered, and said
"Oh, you are a one! "
So, next year she is going once more
And she will make sure she takes a

Balloon Lady

There was once a lady, her name was Ivy and all her life she imagined going to the moon and having a dance with the man from the moon, except she did not quite know how she would travel there.
She had a map that belonged to her grandpa, old blue beard. The map showed the way through the stars going right to the moon. Her grandpa was once a pirate of the stars, he had a spaceship which had a crew of ten very good scallywags, as he used to call them, but that was when he was a young man. Now the spaceship was old and would not fly anymore. He used to tell Ivy stories of his adventures and of his friend the man from the moon.His stories sounded so intriguing and fascinating that Ivy just had to go and visit and see for herself.She knew that she would one day get there, but it would take a lot of planning and she would need a lot of help.
She sat down and thought for a long time how she couldget there. She imagined about a big balloon sailing up towards the moon. With the help of her friends they could sew the biggest balloon anyone had ever seen in their lives. The colour would have to be purple as this was Ivy's favourite colour.
She went to ask her friends if they would all help her and they said they would.
The very next day they all started sewing the biggest balloon, it did take a very long time to make indeed. When the balloon was finished it was the best balloon in the world, made with love and very hard work.It was Hugh.
She now, had to have something made for twelve elephants and herself to travel in underneath the balloon. She needed the elephants to blow into the balloon so they could float away into the sky. Again, with the help of her friends, they made out of brick and cement, a small dwelling and when this was finished it looked like a little house.
The little house was attached below the balloon, so they would be safe inside while travelling through space.They made twelve holes in the roof, so the elephants could put their trunks through and blow into the balloon, for their journey to reach the moon.
For light, she would take fireflies and glow worms, as it would be very dark in outer space and they would need light on their journey. At last the day finally came everything was ready for her to go. The sandwiches and cakes were packed.Her friends were wavinggoodbye and the elephants started blowing into the balloon, up and away they floated. They were as light as a feather, floating high over the trees, over the houses, over the mountains, up and away nearer to the moon. They left the earth and it went dark. She took out the fireflies and the glow worms and the light from those magnificent insects made it look very pretty indeed. They were on the right course to reach the moon.
The moon was not far now, a little further and they would be there.
Ivy thought she heard soft, gentle, music coming out of the dark. As they got nearer the music got louder it was amazing music. She felt all tingly inside, she was so happy to be there.
Ivy saw an orchestra just up in the distance it was gigantic. She rubbed her eyes and looked again and it was still there! The balloon floated over to the orchestra and as it floated nearer there were big giant bubbles floating all around them. The bubbles burst making little, tiny, petite, bubbles. The bubbles had different colours shining through them, every colour you can imagine and some colours never seen any where on earth, there were thousands of bubbles all around them. Ivy was tingling with excitement as this was her dream coming true.
One more blow from the elephants and they were there by the side of the orchestra.
Ivy could now see where the bubbles were coming from. They were coming from a moon man with a bubble pipe and sitting by his side was a being with ten very long arms. Ivy noticed there were these beings dotted about in the orchestra and she later found out they were called conduits, as they can do anything. They were there to help the moon men play the instruments, so if a moon man wanted to stop playing,just to have a little rest, a conduits would reach over and carry on playing for him.
The conductor turned to greet them, by magic he knew why she was there. With a wave of his hand, Ivy floated out of the little house and the man from the moon floated towards her. They danced and they talked. She told him she was ivy, the granddaughter of old blue beard and he was happy to see her. They talked, until it was time for her to go home. They said goodbye and he wished her a safe journey home. She told the moon man she would return another day. He said he would look forward to that and wished her a safe journey.
Ivy got back into the little house and the elephants started blowing this time for home. When they got home she told all her friends about the orchestra being there and what had happened.They all started to plan for next year's journey and all her friends wanted to go and see for themselves this spectacular sight.

And make sure she takes a camera…

Dee Daffodil 11 October 2008

LOL...Always good to have proof of one's adventures! ! : -) Hugs, Dee

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 11 October 2008

Yeah great adventure and nice to read a very beautiful lines of light humour andventure.I enjoyed

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Romeo Della Valle 15 April 2012

Wow! What a powerful imagination and creativity you have my dear Pamela! Indescribable and amazing! This touching write is well crafted and the sense of humor to some points, is admirable! Thank you for sharing and keep it up! ! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Carl Harris 12 March 2009

Well, this is a charming and witty write, Pamela, one that certainly brings a smile to any reader! Hopefully that old lady will have a better time on her next trip, and bring back the proof to convince her friends! Carl.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 January 2009

A joyful read. I hope next year she will take a camera with her.

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Ivor Hogg 12 January 2009

I do hope you are preparing an anthology for children of all ages

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Emily Oldham 02 November 2008

great fun to read! keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***

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