Black Skin Love

Rich and beautiful with natural minerals and ores Africa is Black Skin Love.

The continent of Africa unearths chocolate queens of crowns that only Black Skin Love can produce.

With their hips and curves of dangerous heart stopping blessedness their Black Skin Love is undeniable.

Lips of full soft natural Black Skin Love she glorifies her body with the traits of blackberry juices.

Quarantined in her Black Skin Love she purifies her king with oils of Calabash.

Her blackness is woven in the tropical sunlight of Nairobi; her Black Skin Love is untarnished in her culture of love.

Her hair of natural waterfalls of beauty proclaims Black Skin Love is unapologetically seen.

Surrounded by hostile takeovers Black Skin Love explodes with unquestionable standards.

When her derriere takes flight her Black Skin Love commands the arena.

Soft and powerful silent and strong her Black Skin Love brings the volume of life to her awareness.

The proclamation of her strength in her Black Skin Love calls Kenya to be at peace.

She rebirths Africa with her Black Skin Love; Africa withdraws its time in her Black Skin Love.

Written by Theodore Mosley

October 11,2019

Monday, October 14, 2019
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