Treasures Hidden Poem by THEODORE MOSLEY

Treasures Hidden

Carved out of the mountains in time where we lived came the chains of transformation
The hills of restoration and conservation became burial grounds for the first chapter.
Detained and destitute we watched the stars disappear in the eyes of our captors.
Forsaken and removed to the next chapter we endured seas of graves for the weak.
The life I owned is now owned by hands of fatal mentors that tell me I am not worthy.
I am a treasure hidden in the darkness of another's demon driven mind of pleasure.
My blood is used to sow the grounds for plantations to prepare for ballroom activities.
Tainted with the thoughts of love I become displaced in the hollow of my bones.
I raise up my mind to look to the hills and the fires are burning my soul for freedom.
Captured with the thoughts of family I endure hardness with love and serenity.
The land I work carries me to obscurity from beyond the graves of life.
I submit to have peace within as to find my way out in the next chapter of my life.
I am a treasure hidden without delay in time to find its way to the light of tomorrow.
Songs of deliverance and prayers of the righteous are told to the next generation.
A blooming flower made of diamonds that is not flawed escapes hands of treachery.
Born without a mind they tell us but we subdued minds with our intellect of creativity.
Journeying on upward we became the symbol of productivity for nations to adore.
We sweep across the minds of unrighteous and the beacon of Sojourner Truth shines.
In the spirit of Frederick Douglass we light the torch of education in oneness.
Blazing the trails of Harriet Tubman the flight of her strength is unconditional.
I am a treasure hidden in the minds of death only to be born without endless futures.
The shores of the waters of destruction only bought me to the shores of opportunity.
My hands my mind my eyes my lips my words are held together with the spirit of love.
Fashioned to work with the elite and to teach the oppressed I see dreams unfold.
Swift and expedient the wings of wisdom has transformed this chapter of my life.
No longer bound my mind has raptured into the twilight of unspoken knowledge.
My name is Daniel Hale Williams a black Neurosurgeon out of time in time.
My name is Ben Carson a black Neurosurgeon who successfully separated twins.
My name is Mary Eliza MaHoney the first black professional nurse for humanity.
I was a treasure hidden in darkness, now time has me flowing like a river from the Nile.

Written by Theodore Mosley
September 2014

Dimitrios Galanis 27 January 2016

You have nothing to prove.Try not to prove anything.Your poems will prove what through them want to prove.There is no need.That time you had to prove has past.

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Dimitrios Galanis 27 January 2016

Your metaphors are great, If you put them in an ordinary formal poem they will seem to EVERYONE gradiose.

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