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Blackbird Blues - Poem by Bragg Adocio

BlackBird, call me crazy but I wrote this poem for you.
BlackBird, you're my poison yes, but At the same time, you're my muse.

Dear BlackBird,
Yes You are intoxicating, but I'm afraid that rehab just won't do
Because,  BlackBird, it drives me crazy that I couldn't have you even if I wanted to.
Dear BlackBird,
Don't get me wrong, I do, I just know you are more than out of the way, and I sit
I think
I pray
And it's probably something I shouldn't say
But, dear BlackBird, pleAse don't fly away because the sound of your song, how your wings brightly shine, how you really are the muse to my true poet and you inspire every line,
All this, to me, is crucial, it gets the sun to brightly shine,
So,  BlackBird, know that my sky is less blue
and,  BlackBird, please, tell me what I should do
Because,  BlackBird, love has clipped my wings so when the winds come and you fly away, I have no choice but NOT to follow you.

Dear BlackBird,
I said 'stop being you' because you are a danger to my health, but when we think back, wasn't the danger of you why I took my heart off the shelf?

Dear BlackBird,
Even if over exposure to you was something that could cause me to 'lose my breath',
You're like the addiction I can't and wont let go of so I guess suicide is cause of death.

Hey BlackBird,
Sometimes I wish my poetic words did to you what you do to me.
If they did I'd trip out like 'is this real! ? Did someone sneak me a pill! ? ' because this whole 'dream' thing is new to me.
Sure, I've had a few aspirations, a goal or two or three.
But as far as life goals go, they're perched on a sapling while you sing sweetly from the tree.

Dear BlackBird,
I know it's a pain, and you'd probably say 'no' like you have before once or twice,
But I'd like it if you flew down to sing for me, if for once you'd say 'yes' thAt'd be nice.

So BlackBird BlackBird
Don't fly away because you think that my wings wont fit you.
You can just stay right there, perched up in that tree and we can both sing the BlackBird Blues

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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