Blessed Poem by Claudia Moline


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When we were just married
our neighbours had rabbits.
I´d never had pets before
and got to love them then.
We moved a few years later.
Our home was a flat, very small,
but the view was of a club
with gardens and a pool
-it was as if we owned a park,
we did enjoy it so -.
Next door we had a little friend.
He came from Spain
and was our boy´s same age.
He was extremely ill
and wouldn´t live too long;
He and his mother left quite soon
- The father had fled before-
We haven´t heard from them,
but still, on special occasions, I bake
a very luscious chocolate cake
she taught me and Ben, today,
he teaches his own children
games he learnt with him,
his friend who knew
about Medieval knights,
el Cid, his ladies and the Moors.
We moved again.
The people round the corner had a cat.
We called him Panther, he was so black.
He felt so lonely that he came to live with us.
Opposite live a family of musicians.
I cook to the music of a piano or a flute.
It may be scales, very soothing,
or a melody, it doesn´t matter which.
We live at the foot of a hill
where chance has planted an avocado tree.
I hear them fall, the avocado pears
And roll their way down to my gate.
We share the pears.
Sometimes the musicians pick them,
sometimes we, the gardener or just passers by.
Even if by nothing else,
we have been blessed.

Rajnish Manga 05 October 2017

This looks like a big collage showing your dwelling places on a time scale along with fascinating scenes of nature, neighbors, pets and much more. Thanks for sharing.

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