Blessings Of The United States Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

Joseph T. Renaldi

Frackville, Pennsylvania

Blessings Of The United States

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The United States is a spectacular land of beauty
From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific shore
With the valleys, the plains, and succulent mountains,
And the breathtaking scenery and wonders galore.
God created this land of rapturous and exalting delight,
A state of bliss in areas where foliage abound,
An aggregate of flowers, trees, and a variety of wildlife
Where a piece of Paradise on earth is found.

The Master's Autumn paintings of New England,
The natural beauty of the winding Appalachian Trail,
The picturesque view of the roaring Niagara Falls,
The Victorian houses of Cape May where winds wail,
The Ruffled Grouse and Mountain Laurel in Pennsylvania,
The wild flowers along the country roads of West Virginia,
The dew drops on the vast buckwheat fields of Ohio,
The blue skies over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

The cherry tree blossoms in the Nation's capital,
The first evening star over the Chesapeake Bay,
The Wood thrush in the eastern woodlands,
The shore of the Carolina's overwhelmed by the Osprey.
The sheltering arms of the great oak trees in Georgia,
The branches of the weeping willow trees inTennessee,
The call of the Mourning Dove in the woodlands of Kentucky,
The fishing vessels anchoring on the Gulf Coast with ease.

The sunlight dancing on the Great Lakes,
The rainbow at the end of a Midwest rain,
The swift rifts and currents on the Mississippi River,
The gold of the glowing sun on the Central Plain.
The breeze on the golden wheat fields of Kansas,
The bluebirds lurking along a Missouri road,
The rustle of leaves in the corn fields of Nebraska,
The scintillating sunsets over Utah and Idaho to behold.

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the Summer,
The canyons and geographic scenery of the Southwest,
The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge after the fog lifts,
The beautiful shoreline of the Pacific Northwest.
The blush and fragrance of roses in Texas,
The architecture of the churches in the Heartland,
The wide spread wings of the Bald Eagle in flight,
The Nation's symbol adopted across the land.

The United States has many blessings that are free,
Created by God for those who cherish liberty.


Joseph T. Renaldi

Frackville, Pennsylvania
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