Blood Drowned Words Poem by Jyotishman Debnath

Blood Drowned Words


I have searched so long
in the market of blood drwoned words
a beautiful true word you
like a cricket eats up all the green
this desire of mine is eating me up from inside

for my thirst to drink from your fountain
I keep on drinking the eternal blue
all tender kisses, your corn seed colored body
and moisture of your eyes (silence)

and in the ruin
a parthenium grows restlessly


what if I die tonight?
smashing my head into darkness
miles and miles of deserted white
then suddenly red!

what if I drown myself
in the depth of your eyes?
and float in the air filled with
autumn like smell of your wet hair

what if I die tonight
smearing your's you
on all over my body
and then burn out
in the fire of a flamboyant lust

shall I have to wait in the graveyard
like a romeo?
(two lines erased)

I fall upon the thrones of your love
I fall and I bleed
I bleed and I drink
my blood and tears
your blood and tears
oh! the bleeding me!

still I'm so thirsty!

III) I have seached so much
in the market of blood drowned words
a beautiful true word for you

but now I realize
life is not a looking glass
neither a mirror

the glass from where nothing is visible
and the mirror lies
night till day
day till night! ! !

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