Just Me Reuter

Rookie (Sidney, New York)

Blooms Of Passion And Pain

Poem by Just Me Reuter

The garden was planted with love, passion, dreams and hope. Nuturing each blossom with tenderness and care. Allowing the sunshine to penatrate each petal, the rain to nourish each root.

The garden bloomed, caressed with gentle breezes producing strong, healthy flowers, stamen and stems. The touch was soft, the fragrance intoxicating, the sight wonderous to behold.

Reds, pinks, yellows, blues, purples, whites, bright and glorious amongst the lush variations of greens, browns, beneath the skies of vivid blues, with whispy clouds chasing birds in full circles.

Living within the garden made it easy to shut out the world. Paths worn between the flowers, the walks fulfilling the dream. The passion given to growing a healthy garden, caressing each silky petal with soft fingertips.

The tender pruning of each shrub and bush done with delicate cuts to shape and mold into statues to remind of beautiful memories as the garden grew. Each tree producing luscious fruits to be suckled, sating the desire of hunger and thirst.

The rustling leaves, the swaying reeds, the birds singing creating a calmness within the soul. Watching the bees gather the pollen to create the honey, the spider spinning a web to glimmer with morning dew, relaxing the mind and spirit.

Breathing deeply, cleansing the blood, the aroma of each plant infusing each cell of the body, fragrances permanently etching the scents within the mind - sweet and pungent.

Without warning, the garden was infested with worms and weeds, choking the wind, blocking the sun, sucking the essense and liquids out of the soul of each plant, shrub, tree and bush, sinking the garden into darkness.

The passion, love, dreams and hopes buried within the soil that held the roots of the glorious garden of life's pleasure now penetrated by the worms feeding upon the healthy heart and spirit, growing no more, dying within it's own confines of despair.

(September 2006)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 16, 2007

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