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Blowin In The Wind By Bob Dylan (A Poetical View)

How many roads to take to be a man? How many streets to pass by? Into the lanes, onto the corridors of life experiencing life. It is experience which but teaches, teaches and instructs, it is life which but makes us feel if we can feel, feel and take unto. Blowing in the wind, blowing in the wind. The experiences of life harder, so the feeling of man.
Blowing in the wind and feeling this existence of life on earth, man is what man was, what it remains here, how life and the experiences of it? Blowing in the wind and feeling? The experiences of life teach us otherwise. The freshness of the wind refreshes it all, ruffles it all the history of man.
Blowin in The Wind is a song lyric of the road of life, where does it take to, where does it take, the road of life, the road of life? Blowin in the wind, he feels it, feels it, how many roads does a man take to before becoming a man, man and reaching the pathway?

Monday, November 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: art