Bonded Flesh Poem by Uloia Norris Moore

Bonded Flesh

Rating: 4.8

Unto one joined they so are
much more than a contract
religious joinder to one word
oath a man and women
render such

Void when upon such talk
the therefore wherefore
hence fourth
good faith

Vow taken no mistaken
lack of understanding
by me so they think
and are right

I know a word
say word
speak word
understand bad

When used in context to
undermine the very fabric
of family children future

When said such happens
I choose the book
from the frist sentence
threw the rest away


It's all been said so I add but one word: wow. t x

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x... x... 28 October 2007

Right on here Eagle, get rid of the 'junk' in our lives that so often destroys the most precious of all, the children....divorce is right up there, believe me, I've see love turn to hate....and it is so bad for the little can one hate one they once created children with in love? I can't, you can perhaps no longer live together but hate, no way...well, I'm off on a tangent here, but this poem strikes many chords and lends itself to several different interpetations. marci.xo

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I choose the book from the first sentence threw the rest away so true of poets poetry and life in general

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Uloia Norris Moore

Uloia Norris Moore

Southern United States
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