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Recently married to the most wonderful man in the world. You know who he is.....

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That Debilitating Disease *

I know who I am, I think, or I think I think so
as I am not sure, and not sure that I know.
I do not have the memories
to consolidate what I may think;

Forgetting The Vows

… and he turns and looks me in the eyes,
Utterly gorgeous

Tara 1, Cupid Nil

There was a time, there was a place,
when she felt not just a member of the human race
but a perfect one.... after all, she was loved;

After A Conversation With A Bigot (Ed/Repost)

'When you cut me, I will surely bleed
blood-red; and just the same, indeed
as every person of every race,
of every creed and hue of face;


I am evil because I love too much,
wanting those I love to keep in touch;

I am evil that I dare to care,

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R H 05 February 2008

Tara has a unique poetic voice; her poetry is honest, raw, intelligent, witty, impacting, imaginative, emotive, thoughtfully composed and never fails to touch the hearts and minds of her readers - keep them coming t - you have the stuff...love jz xx

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Herbert Nehrlich1 30 December 2007

I refer to Alison's comments below. Not because I am particularly lazy today but because she said it so well. For quite some time I have had many occasions when a word or two from Tara have lifted my spirits, warmed my heart so to speak. She is one of the loveliest people I have come across, even judging from this great distance. Lucky man who gets to share her time and space. And her poetry is superb precisely because of who she is. There is a soul in that lovely lady that offers to hug and be hugged and I would be standing in line at dawn with the intent of sneaking in a kiss to the sternocleidomastoid as well. Love, H

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Marvin Brato 26 June 2007

Maybe her secret is by being herself, real and true! Regards.

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Who? Oh yeah! The woman I love! I'm afraid I cannot tell you the secret of Tara's poetry. I've been sworn to secrecy! She is, by far, the most wonderful woman in too many ways to list. Ez

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Molaire Jules 02 June 2007

''Do Your Thing! ''

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Paul Butters 20 September 2008

The Queen Bee of English Poetry.

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Duncan Wyllie 04 July 2008

A lady who says what she thinks down the line, and much of what she says is that of love Take care sweetheart and thanks for being such a great friend Love duncan X

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Emancipation Planz 30 April 2008

RESPECT... the written word..... first you get the flash of lightening... but always followed by the thunder that claps BOOM BOOM! ! .. and as for the girl herself...

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I repeat my previous comment and add that I am the luckiest man in the world. I will love her infinitely. She is the love of my life and it always will be so. Wow, what a woman!

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Original Unknown Girl 14 March 2008

Tara is the most compassionate, intelligent, witty, warm and eloquent poet I've had the good fortune to meet on PH! Her words never fail to amaze and entertain me, anyone who has had the good chance to meet her will see (and know) why what she writes permeates... right through to the heart. Bless you Tara - you're brill! HG: -) xx

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