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A special place
that none
may find
where winds

The dreams
of my heart
my mind
doth pass

I wear them
for I must
upon my flesh
to dust

I see you
no bush to

The dreams of my heart
my mind doth pass

Upon a beach
must after sought
feet our toes
the fingers they

Of where it is that we
are from why?

Does it matter where it is

Unto one joined they so are
much more than a contract
religious joinder to one word
oath a man and women

So they then have been cast
grappling with present past.

Down soft to touch yet

With ignorance

The few that I am
in respect
like this.

Fine woven fingertips
have crossed mesh

When thousands of fish

Lofty over mountain tops
eagle perches high atop
mighty are it's eyes.
You know it see, s


You Read it
and don't rate

Upbeat poistive thought lite accross
water refection of beauty the moon

Groves of multi colored roses all colors

Upon there face
hollowed line
doth etch.

Can we not see
those whom
can not lead
out forth with

unspoken passion
is still in fashion
in flowers that
bloom that cover

They do so cast
nothing misgivings
from the past
a deceiver would

Dearest child of mine
to day was a good day

Close to Halloween

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A Whispering Well

A special place
that none
may find
where winds
will blow

Through out

a special
the whisper
is for

Joyfully things
of soft
breath spoken
the likes of which
wont tell

The depth

Magical beauty
forever wide
the look
such peace
may none
ever to

so to gain
by crossing

The misty
forever wide

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Uloia Norris Moore Popularity

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