Harindhar Reddy

Freshman - 904 Points (Sept/19/1983 / Haliya, Hyderabad, India)

Boom Boom Human Rat Trapped In A Tiki Tiki Room - Poem by Harindhar Reddy

(Adventure with Devices: Pun, polarization, Ballad, Anecdote)
Abracadabra! 10 to 1 counted
I, nature dreams primal era -
Rain zip-zaps, wind blows, creek
Brims over its
Rim, fish
Boogies, tortoise
woogies flower wigwags
As spring breaks - drones-hum, donkeys-bray,
Ferrets-dook, Goats-bleat, hares-drum and men-smile.

Bam - Jaguar growled, dubbed Malone with wiz-biz -
Jumped into Sussex - Charles became
Diana; India took form
Of Guyana,
Titan -
Satan, Malone -
Gnome, A-Z voodooed! Warrior -
Underdog, a Journey Wayward - Vroom!
Wiz downed the ladder like bozo with broom.

'I eat words, coach wonks: preach famed manners - 'grunt,
Rumble-grumble' blamed banners say!
With mock-scoffing remarks
Miss Tex named me
Anand's Baka: while
Watching Spanish football,
Tiki-taka - rats pulled a cat,
flimflammed my Hat', flobber-gobbered Malone!

Hubba-hubba! Shakira Boot-scoots at
Honk'tonk 'Waka Waka', this time
For Africa, world cup
FIFA, fun filled,
Short lived -
In dusk, all seas
Meet Antarctica like
Men bite dust yet run rat-race with
Out learning why - trapped in pell-mell, Bubba!

(c) Copyrights 2012 @ harindhar reddy

**I'm grateful 2 Anupama Dafre for naming the Form**

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A Quadri Inverted Rcitameter with syllable count: line-1 = 10, line-2 = 8, line-3 = 6, line-4 = 4, line-5 = 2, line-6 = 4, line- 7 = 6, line-8 = 8 & line-9 = 10.

**Dear friends, I counted words like 'Diana' as Disyllabic (1 triphthong and 1 mono-thong. However a red carpet welcome for a discussion - Thank You*

*Glossary* 1) Flobber-gobbered = senseless rubbish 2) Baka = untouchable man 3) tik-taka = playing by short passes 4) Malone = scholar 5) Boot-scoots = dance 6) Voodooed = be under magic spell
Stanza - 1: With the magic spell i read nature dreams......
Stanza - 2: I read the 2nd magic spell (voodoo-ism) , it takes Protagonist to other country where everything is topsy-turvy, upside down
Stanza - 3: Malone protagonist mocked by his colleagues sings satirical song....
Stanza - 4: Generalization: Happiness is short lived including life yet humans tries for everything and takes nothing when dies - Rat trap philosophy of life.. (Initiated by Selma Lager-of and Samuel Becket and continued bye me and others****)

Yours honestly,
Harindhar Reddy

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