Born And Raised In Africa

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Down! !
But i believe in the truth;

Faith and hope,
Born and raised in Africa.

Growing up in Ghana,
To face the world today with my works;

Along the line to meet your love!
Miles away from my home.

Growing up,
To fall and to rise up again!

To follow after the truth,
Keeping the laws,
Righteous Laws;

To choose those things which are right and,
To seek for peace.

Born in Africa,
Born and raised in Africa;

Kiss, hiss, miss!
Literature from Africa;
Warm and Friendly,
To do my best for others.

Due, dew!
With the clue;

To agree to the truth,
Free like a bee! !
Seen around a tree.

Muse of love and life,
Side by side;
To pay my dues to Mama Africa.

Growing up,
Life in the Ghetto;
Inside Africa!
Literature from Africa.

Through the narrow path,
Through Creativity,
Hustle and bustle,
Table, stable, cable, able!
Sometimes unstable;
Muse from Africa,
And to respect Mama Africa.

Cultures and Traditions,
Born and raised in Africa;
Growing up in Ghana,
With the Challenges and the Changes around.

Literature of Africa!
Rivers of Africa,
Mountains of Africa,
Animals of Africa,
North, South, East and West!
With the muse of Mama Africa.

Plants and rituals,
Stages and sages,
Pages of life!
With the muse of Africa.

Born and raised in Africa,
My mind!
My love,
My identity,
My muse;
Closely related to my tribe;
The vibe!
With my works to the world.

A new day,
Sunshine love!
A new day in Africa;
Echoes of a new day with the muse of my mind,
Born and raised in Africa.

Peace and joy to all mankind without racism!
With the truth,
With Natural Laws,
With the romance of nature.

Reign! !
Oh Life! Give me what i want;
Able to touch the hearts of the people with the truth,
With righteous morals.

Inspired by the truth,
Living and learning always;
Under the umbrella of righteous morals,
Gain, again!
With righteous laws.

Chain and pain along the line,
Growing up in Africa;
Pray, ray, pay!
To heal the world with the truth.

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: african lifestyle,growing up,poetic expression