Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Poem by beibee beibee

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Rating: 4.5

my life is a boulevard
i am a piece of broken dreams

my life is a bough
i am a piece of shredded leaves

my life is a road
i am a crossroad of chaos

my life is a space
i am a void of evil thoughts

my life is a waste
i am a face of an unwanted child

my life is a test
i am a failure

my life is a root
i am a debris of broken dreams

my life is a shoot
i am rising against interred nightmares

beibee beibee 08 August 2008

barbara... thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. the poem sounds like millions of us on the face of this world - irrespective of the race, space or face. we breathe the same air and share almost the same fear. fulgencio, thanks too!

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Ency Bearis 07 August 2008

good write deep to the bones...great poem...well done.. Best Wishes, Ency Bearis

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Barbara Terry 07 August 2008

OMG Beibee, this sounds just like me. I am all of this and more. I am a floor, being trampled to death. You may be in Nigeria, Beibee, but your poem spans the world, and many throughouut the world can identify. I am in America, and this sent shivers down my back becasue it is so much me, it is scary. You have written this like it is for a lot of people. Thank you for sharing, you write very well and from the soul. Hugs, Barbara

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beibee beibee

beibee beibee

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