Beyond Ellipsis Poem by beibee beibee

Beyond Ellipsis

Rating: 4.5

look beyond what you see
see beyond what you look
only child's eye fears painted devil
even in the vale of vicious circle
nothing insurmountable shall prove evil

see beyond what you look
look beyond what you see
heaven's only a thought away
even a bird can carry your tale
into the starry skies
in some spaces there are traces

more than three dots
in the magic grammatical punctuations
a void of meaning meant to be understood
the profoundness of emptiness

the sentences of silence
written and spoken in the void
the void of enormity and enchantment

take it or dropp it
it's the fire of desire
that burns brightly
the proclivity of your activity

david or goliath
may you never be dressed
like a dwarf thief in giant's robe
may you never dream on limitations

the world's a space
there's a place
you can put your trace

a place
is a space
you face
a race

it leaves so much unsaid
so much unsung
so much to undersand
what else?
it's an omission or commission
of what's already known or understood

on the platform of this poetry
much more is elliptical.

beibee beibee 05 August 2008

thank you sir. i really do appreciate your kind words.

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Greenwolfe 1962 05 August 2008

In this one I was impressed by the philosophy. I am more impressed by the writer than his writings. This is a man of great worth and value. I wish him well. GW62

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beibee beibee

beibee beibee

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