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my life is a boulevard
i am a piece of broken dreams

my life is a bough

smouldering into ashes
of powdery passion,
spent sentiments of
a stolen, broken heart

iron sharpens iron
you sting and you smile
i blink as i drink
from the waters of your words

when poetry stings
there's someone who smiles
from the cadences of infused passion
to the rhythm of a gyrating emotion

look beyond what you see
see beyond what you look
only child's eye fears painted devil
even in the vale of vicious circle

in the heat of downpour
and the feverish showers
of rainfall
i open my heart to give a call

imagery of a lone voice
in the jarring symphony
of loneliness in the wilderness
of whirling winds of indifference

in the dim and distant past four fledgling lips
at a tryst assuaging their thirst

searing sentimental secrets felt only

there are some words
inexplicable that escape my lips
there are some feelings
indefinable that defies my reasons


one word that fills my one world
one piece that places high on my mind
an offshoot, an undergrowth, a belief
from the death of the innermost soil

the sentimental secrets seeping in silence
as i roll over in sackcloth of sensual search
in the vale of sexual illusions...
in the unison of two unhaloed bodies

what if i sleep
slumbering from ethereal space
to eternity and choose my portion
in the ben of dusty crevices unperturbed

in the resplendence of his opulence

he bursts into a rapture of tongues

i watched a whispering palm sharing
hush-words with a soothing wind blowing

i listened with awe as a bird sang away her heart

i thought of it...too little
but nothing as to brittle
the seeming insignificant cyber feeling
thrown into the open domain

i want to
to be there in darkest alley
when your face looks sully
for there seems nowhere to hurry...

like lettering of letters lettered
in the luminousness out of longing lungs
the blossoming breath of beautiful breeze
ensphered my still soul and in serenade

once upon a time there was your shadow

reflecting on the window

time hurts when we wait
expecting you’ll be here
with the wind’s whisper

permit me not to dawdle

here the screaming silence

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beibee's a learning wordsmith- a forum vice administrator ( and and a blogger ( . beyond that i love poetry and i love writing poems; sometimes i do try my hand on short stories. perhaps i will come back to add more to my biography...)

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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

my life is a boulevard
i am a piece of broken dreams

my life is a bough
i am a piece of shredded leaves

my life is a road
i am a crossroad of chaos

my life is a space
i am a void of evil thoughts

my life is a waste
i am a face of an unwanted child

my life is a test
i am a failure

my life is a root
i am a debris of broken dreams

my life is a shoot
i am rising against interred nightmares

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