Bound No'th Blues Poem by Langston Hughes

Bound No'th Blues

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Goin' down the road, Lawd,
Goin' down the road.
Down the road, Lawd,
Way,way down the road.
Got to find somebody
To help me carry this load.

Road's in front o' me,
Nothin' to do but walk.
Road's in front of me,
Walk…an' walk…an' walk.
I'd like to meet a good friend
To come along an' talk.

Hates to be lonely,
Lawd, I hates to be sad.
Says I hates to be lonely,
Hates to be lonely an' sad,
But ever friend you finds seems
Like they try to do you bad.

Road, road, road, O!
Road, road…road…road, road!
Road, road, road, O!
On the no'thern road.
These Mississippi towns ain't
Fit fer a hoppin' toad.

Bound No'th Blues
Gary James Smith 28 February 2019

Very good job...lots of pizzaz...

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 30 September 2017

An eternal journey, the struggle for freedom, thst's life.

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Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 05 March 2016

Road’s in front o’ me, Nothin’ to do but walk. Road’s in front of me, Walk…an’ walk…an’ walk. I’d like to meet a good friend To come along an’ talk. This was the road to freedom. It was lonely but freedom seekers had to go without companion and with no complains. You were alone but you walked and finished your errand.

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Ladawn Trice 13 March 2012

the truth fits here....

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