Box (Being Controlled) Poem by Aisha Sherazi

Box (Being Controlled)

Rating: 5.0

Close me in a box,
Close the lid up tight,
I don’t need to see,
I don’t need the light.

Close me in a box,
Close the lid up tight,
I won’t even struggle,
I won’t put up a fight.

Close me in a box,
Shut that lid up tight,
I can’t really breathe,
But that’s still alright.

Close me in a box,
Close that lid up tight,
You’ll never break my soul,
Be it day or night.

You’ll never break my spirit,
Nor kill me in that way,
For I will never give up,
I’ll live to see a better day.

So squeeze me all you wish,
It doesn’t mean a thing,
From the outside I look weak,
But from inside I will sing.

Sing songs of freedom,
Of living out my dreams,
You see,
I can’t be what you want me to be,
I will always just be me.

Inside or out,
Not one bit, you won’t change me,
Inside this box or out,
In my heart I’m always free.

Hallmat H 16 June 2008

wish you the best... because of your sweet poems regards

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Lydia Francese 13 May 2006

Wow! I can relate to this too. It really shows how many people feel. I like the way the beginning stanzas start the same way. A 10. -Lydia

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trisha evensen 09 May 2006

wow i can relate to this one, terrific, splendidly expressed.

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