For My History Teacher Poem by Aisha Sherazi

For My History Teacher

I’m sitting in class,
My eyes about to close,
I hope teacher don’t see,
I hope she don’t see me.

Bored out of my mind,
Falling so behind,
Cannot concentrate,
I came to class too late.

Although I was on time,
My body was I mean,
My mind is still outside,
From class trying to hide.

What does all this mean?
I haven’t used it yet,
How can I retain it,
When already I forget?

And then she walks over,
That teacher of mine,
A smile in her eyes,
A gentle one at that,
She puts her hand on me,
And sets me kind of free.

Now here I am in class,
Learning about the past,
About history,
And what it did for me.

How we can learn,
From mistakes of old,
Of people so different,
Some so very bold.

Some stood against oppression,
Some stood against the wrong,
Some said it with dignity,
Some said it with a song.

I owe it to them,
And teacher here to hear,
What they did for us,
And no longer fear.

That knowledge is so dull,
No longer hurts my brain,
No longer hurts my skull,
It will surely keep me sane.

The past is the future,
Unless I stay awake,
So I can benefit,
There’s much more at stake.

Than I thought before,
Before I got to class,
Thank you History teacher,
For bringing to life the past.

I never got bored in History class, because I had a wonderful History Teacher. This is for her.

ARADHYA 09 July 2021

My history is superb for her it's no.1 Poem

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Brian Jani 19 May 2014

For my history teacher, nice idea

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Preeti - is here! 12 May 2006

Such appreciation for a HISTORY teacher...whoa! Must have been great...did you make her read this Thank You Poem? Preets

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Sugar Bear 17 April 2006

Are you sure It's not just a little crushy-cue from your teacher touching you? ! Lol. I'm playing, just kidding, calm down. The poem's cute and the history is really important but I catch myself sleeping here and there, thats just because I can't sit still, and when I do it's only because I'm asleep! :) Nice work! (Make sure your teaches hears of your thanks!)

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