Bickering About The Bathroom Poem by Aisha Sherazi

Bickering About The Bathroom

Rating: 5.0

There’s scum, filth,
Under the rim,
It has to be cleaned,
It’s looking quite grim.

There’s dirt, grime,
Around the sink,
It has to be wiped,
For it’s causing a stink.

There’s muck, dust,
Near the tub,
The floor isn’t clean,
It needs a good scrub.

But it will get done,
All in good time,
Just give me a chance,
It isn’t a crime.

You are not perfect,
Not perfect at all,
The bed isn’t made,
I said nothing at all.

So give me some time,
Give me some peace,
For the germs in my bathroom,
Are having a feast!

Francesca Johnson 11 May 2006

Sounds almost like my house, too, Aisha. If I close my eyes and hold my nose, maybe I can pretend it isn't there, and get some of your peace and quiet... Love, Fran xx

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Lizzy Tomlinson 06 May 2006

Right up my street this one. I'd be cleaning constantly if it was left to my lot. (10) . Lizzy.x

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Will Barber 24 January 2007

Aisha, this comes as close to Universal as any poem I've seen. But perhaps that's just me. I am looking for a commercial product which will clean the bathroom - similar to a hand-grenade, but not apt to chip tile or porcelain. Cheers for this one. - Will

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Brian Dorn 06 July 2006

Who's got time to clean the bathroom when there's poetry to write? Cute poem, Aisha! Brian

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Tim Casswell 03 July 2006

as you know I love rhymes. they are so hard to get, -ones that still sound natural. you have a gift for them and a playful way of choosing your subjects! Tim

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Preeti - is here! 25 May 2006

Aisha that is teh story in every house ~ Loved the ending..yeah let the germs feast ~ Preets

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Duncan Wyllie 14 May 2006

Lets all slow down, come out the house and smell the roses for a while, A fun write Love Duncan

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