Boys Don'T Know Love Poem by Kye Kurion

Boys Don'T Know Love

We don't know, what to think,
We see all our dreams in you.
To this, illusion we always fall,
Just so our hearts, can begin anew.

We can't reach,
That's not right,
I know, what I feel is true.
You look, at me,
You only see a child,
Well I, disagree, with you.

We, still search, for that reason,
That keeps, us moving on.
I'd, rather think, that we're all where we belong,
But those young, are usually wrong.

However, I, don't care, about being,
Right anymore.
I just wanna know what love, can be,
Why can't life be simple, like before?

Jenevieve Larcombe 21 April 2008

So is this poem about you? explain to me who you are talking about ♥ i really like it!

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Chris McInnes 05 April 2008

Watch your comma usage. If you are going to end a line and add a comma, then that is telling the reader to have a quick pause. Sentences in poetry are allowed to overlap into more then one line; as it is not read as line/break/line/break. It is read as line, then, as the line ends and the new line starts; unless it ends with a period (fullstop) it is read as a sentence. here, I will show you an example: - 'However, I, don't care, about being, Right anymore.' Is read as 'However, I don't care, about being, right anymore.' Can you see how it is all broken up and jumpy? One facet of poetry is to give it a smooth flow, if the context is after it. In this case, it, is all, jumpy and, all over the place, when, read outloud. ;)

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