Distorted Dreams Of Wings Poem by Kye Kurion

Distorted Dreams Of Wings

Rating: 4.8

Feeling kind of weird today,
Feeling different everyday.
When I opened the door to my heart,
To say hi,
All of my emotions flew in the sky.
When I walked into my room,
To wake myself up,
All of my thoughts and memories turned round,
Like a cup.
Needless to say,
I walked away.
I went to go find my love,
That's when my bitterness said,
It doesn't exist,
It's not with the rest hiding up above.
So I asked why he was flying like the rest,
He answered because he was more like me than the others,
We were so similar that we could be brothers.
He explained,
I was being weighted down,
By what,
By gravity, the thing that makes no sound.
I had to say that makes no sence,
The others are flying.
He said they had wings and we didn't.
I saw that he wasn't lying.
And then for some reason I paused and started crying.
'It's not fair, why can't I fly in the sky like a bird.'
Then he said something, but I couldn't hear a word.
Everything but bitterness began to fade away.
'You see this is why, you can't be happy when others fly'
So I looked up and realized,
I'm just the worst kind of guy.
Somehow I smiled and said he was right,
From now on I'll be happy that others take flight.
So he finally stood up and looked straight at me.
His face and whole body just changed,
He became a she who smiled at me with glee,
Who suddenly grew wings to carry me.
I said 'Bitterness, Thank you so much.'
And she said please, call me love.

Aisha Love 26 April 2008

aww i think this is my favorite poem you have

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 01 March 2008

how i wish we could fly and captured all good and bad.

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