Brand New Me Poem by Tameeka Smith

Brand New Me

I am new and improved
Looking at the world in a different view
Now this I can get use to
It took me years
To conquer my fears
With God's help I now
See everything clear
No more tears
No more saddness
Just a whole lot of gladness
Thinking negative less
Thinking positive quick
No second guessing it
Living carefree
No stress No stress
Yes Yes Yes
Feeling so blessed
Finally I am
Enjoying the brand new me
That's what God wants to see
This I truly believe
My relationship with Him
Is great and I am happy
I pray that He is pleased
By all of the positive things
That I am doing
I am always smiling
Its such a blessing
So glad that I am able
To get things together
Not only have I changed on
The outside but on the inside
As well and its for the better
Loving the feeling
That I get when I look
Into the mirror and love
What I see
Embracing the Brand New Me
To God Be The Glory

Khairul Ahsan 04 August 2013

Embracing the Brand New Me To God Be The Glory Nice words to end the story!

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Olivia Bedell 30 July 2013

I love this poem. God has made you a brand new man. no more fear and worries.

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