Brave Girls Poem by John Sensele

Brave Girls

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Brave girls demand to pay for any services they receive
Brave girls defend their dignity, their pride and their honour
Insisting on very high standards of probity, decorum and achieve
Results by dint of diligence, placing a low premium on gazing at a mirror.

Brave girls don demure attire and take their intellect seriously
Brave girls refuse to be treated like a slender, weaker gender
That cries for lower benchmarks to scale the glass ceiling dubiously
If some loophole reeks rigging, sneaks into and snoops on a affective agenda.

Brave girls rise like a Phoenix no matter their economic background
Brave girls toil to catch up with trail blazers whom they often overtake
Like Usain Bolt because diligence and their conscience are bound
To yield feats of which no one can assume arose by mistake.

Brave girls possess innate assets beyond the veneer of cosmetics
Fake nails, fake eyelashes although brave girls are not averse
To the peripheral and ephemeral margins lipsticks
Confer on social occasions when a beau might recite a lilting verse.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
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Preston Mwiinga 07 September 2016

Brave girls will not be silent like the rock coast hit by the waves they will speak out when abused

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Ratnakar Mandlik 07 September 2016

Brave girls rise like Phoenix. Wonderful narration of the attributes of brave girls. Thanks for sharing,

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John Sensele

John Sensele

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