Brave Hearts Poem by Ghazala Lari

Brave Hearts

With hearts of fearlessness, let us delve deep,
As leaders, laymen, or even as a child's keep,
To banish the shadows that haunt from within,
And unlock the courage that lies beneath our skin.

First, let us analyze the roots of our fright,
Are they born of people, events, or the future's plight?
Yet, upon closer inspection, we often find,
Many fears are baseless, figments of the mind.

Some fears, however, hold weight and are real,
Demanding our attention, urging us to deal,
With the gravity they possess, we must assess,
Can we combat these fears and put them to rest?

If the answer is yes, then let us proceed,
With unwavering determination, we shall succeed,
But if the mountain seems insurmountably high,
Leave it for the future, as time passes by.

For what appears dangerous may lose its might,
As days turn to weeks and darkness turns to light,
Not everything unfolds as we perceive,
Even fears and foes can falter and deceive.

Fear only your Allah, the Almighty and Wise,
In Him lies the power to turn tides and skies,
For all protection and safety are His to provide,
If death is destined, none can escape or hide.

Fear nothing but Allah, for He holds the key,
To unlock the strength that dwells within you and me,
Pray for the things that haunt your restless soul,
With time, you'll witness how fearlessness unfolds.

For Allah grants genuine strength, heart, and soul,
Enabling us to face enemies, brave and bold,
In His embrace, fear dissipates like dust,
Leaving behind a spirit that's unbreakable and just.

So, let us strive to be fearless, one and all,
Trusting in Allah Almighty, standing tall,
For in the realm of fearlessness, we shall find,
A life illuminated, with courage intertwined.

Explanation of the above poem

Fearless, I stand tall and resolute, my heart filled with courage and determination. I face my fears head-on, unafraid to confront the shadows that once haunted my soul. I am not afraid of the unknown, for I trust in the guidance of the Almighty. I am not daunted by the challenges that life throws my way, for I know that I am capable of overcoming them with His help.

Fear is but a mere illusion, a product of our minds that we often mistake for reality. It is a feeling that can be conquered, a burden that we can lift from our shoulders. I have learned that many fears are groundless, the result of our own imaginations running wild. By acknowledging this, I am able to step back and gain perspective, seeing fear for what it truly is: an obstacle that I can overcome.

There are fears, however, that are justified and require our attention. It is important to identify these fears and assess their validity. If they are rooted in reality and pose a genuine threat, I will face them with all the strength and resilience at my disposal. I will not shy away from confronting my fears, for it is through overcoming them that I grow stronger and wiser.

But I also know that not everything is within my control. Some fears may seem insurmountable, their futures bleak and foreboding. In such cases, I remind myself that time is a powerful healer. What appears dire today may lose its potency tomorrow, as events unfold and circumstances change. I trust in the unpredictability of life, for it often has a way of surprising us with its twists and turns.

Ultimately, my faith in Allah sustains me. It is through His guidance and protection that I find the strength to face my fears. He is the source of all power and courage, and it is in His embrace that I find my fearlessness. By dedicating my life to His service and following His commands, I know that I am on the path to true fearlessness, a state of being where I am free from the shackles of fear and doubt.

So, I encourage you, my brothers and sisters, to embrace the realm of fearlessness. Trust in Allah and let His light guide you. For in doing so, we will find the strength within ourselves to overcome any obstacle, to face any challenge, and to live our lives to the fullest, free from the shadows of fear and despair.

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