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Bravity At Child Hood

The island via blowing dry wind the calm sea wave come to the sea coast and which is embrace.the sun chariot dropping all over small dwell roof. the large bell ring by one man he s face has showing large scar since past history.while ringing his bell listen some small children teeming and queue for breakfast.they mood not showing good condition.but they are very busy with sun dawn. The rough man watching them with stick hand.anybody not to like see him his face not recognize smile. Hay Paul I remember every time my parents and brother s he told with sorrow to smith as like same but we couldn't going leave from her e we are like prisoners here. Which place you were catch for this, after school front of junction. I went to the shop buying for pencil box that's time one person came to shop and given large box then he called to get in to car for make lift to my home when after two mile he gave some food began drowsiness and feel sleep upon the car seat when I was wake after 10 or 11 hours I had seen in this room with this friend. So now we leave parent and brother and sisters. This people never thinking about me and you they always try to increase them work profit. Hurry takes your food take your food the large shoulder with man shouting roughly. They all together taken them breakfast speedy. Somebody came and asks more food but owner never issue for them.

After breakfast they gathered to coast and select one and team for training further thieving programmed. The thief team leader they select one, one by team for swimming running and fighting programmed them doing everything hardly but they never see themselves future. Hay Paul see that one friend floating he is shouting help, help but nobody came to him the end of training period counting the leader of one children is loss anybody see him name mark at the swim practice raise them hand mark was drowning at sea just few minute ago oh the owners went to the boat and in to the sea for find him after one hour they bought mark body to the beach.they feared with sorrow looked him innocent body the ludwick call to other for lunch hurry up get ready for you lunch go fast they ran to the hall the mark innocent body lonely at the coast.
At the lunch time again meet smith and Paul they discussing last hour unfortunate mission for them.hay Paul they didn't treatment to mark what's the reason oh its general reaction this place may be they offered to him war ship at the wood.don't tell anybody I be id two month the duration while eight or ten friends are missing smith said.the ludwick was shouting again hurry up you have more ten minute rest you ready for next station and start next part of today.the sun was hide black cloud it's anybody unknown where do come from to the sky.ludwick also face turn to pale color he looked the several time that mark lying area.although the body was not showing that place more.hay Paul what's happen him only 15 minute his body not showing who bought it don't shout whispered him every death after the scene is same.the afternoon all of them training full of encourage situation. All together declare sympathies of dead that noon. Some time young man's come to the place and walking everywhere and discussing with children with smile face. They every time by hand with pistol and gun they never think humanity or other selves' lives. Hay boy improve you ingenious mind could be capture everything for your life may be some time warning to children.when the spreading darkness they should be get in to the cell for fading themselves night after taken themselves short dinner .

After one week they start to lesson for the children they introducing all of wealth man s bank and the all of country president and ministers for improve knowledge of formality. Many of note put upon them note book over day. They only following wealth for build them future.hay Paul do you understand now we build for thieving and kidnapping important places and person after 16th or 17th we could enter the path for further live in the world. Do you like my friend' oh god how it s done we are guilt at the future everything goanna be prove by developing world without any hesitation.' I want escape this place ‘would you agree with me Paul asked from smith it's so dangerous whispered him listen surround by sea and blood hound dog with random security service we should learn about everything clearly.

Both of them get in to the slumber and seen many of dreams themselves escape from cruel island. Day by day dead quantity increasing by accidental injury.wise smith and Paul getting understand last opinion and last decision should be escape from the island. Collecting many thing and Paul was thieving one map over island the day was rain couldn't start trainee for children they conducting one class for boys hay Paul go to the office and take time table ludwick call to Paul ok who went to the office that time no body at the office room Paul check every door and cupboard he find need something which of map hide from his lap and ran to near ludwick given to them time table for him. end of day work Paul and smith at mid night waked and went to the under bed and read the map from fire stick end of last fire stick they went to the bed for by day they improve knowledge of via island.and improve them physical fitness without any force from ludwick and other instructors. One day after mid night first hour both of them went to the under bed fire box and map they read it very past hay Paul look at this place other side of island one port I think it is better place leave this place can you remember last week we went the mountain I see which of place the place lonely one mini boat park that place its satisfied for cross the sea. Did you think it s easy I never seen the land yet be on the mountain or rock. You see this map we could reach to the place after 24 hour.
Both of the m plan at night escape from island just goanna going to bed we jumped this place from bac k door you know that trench its suitable its going outside of this building.agree with me both of them embrace with pleasure.
The dawn with sun chariot spreading ever y where smith and Paul wake up with full of happiness the courage grow both of mind every moment.they daily work doing easy and than better other children may be some time both think with themselves friend with sorrow born one sad leave them at the night hay smith what's happening do you see that end of pipe that trench. Than 100 meter height we should going you ready my it s so easy we prove our force than history.otherwise before wake up them tomorrow we should move and reach to next middle of the next port. Just knowing them will following us accurately of cousrse my friend; hurry up hurry up idiot what going here run, run and swim ludwik shouting and scold to children with bad word.
Hay do you see that place one fuel can I will go and threw to over from this cansina, ok be carefully please note really place dropping it. he very faster go and threw it coast area oh god survival us no body see it. ok shall we run fast ludwick looking for us. The day over both of them sit for last dinner with all of friend Paul and smith food taken with sorrow. Although both of them very busy at this evening.after upon the bed and get off the light both enter the cannel and stretch slowly among darkness all cloth turn to black color but they are didn't leave themselves courage last hour both them out from cannel and try to find fuel can hay smith where its please check that under bunch its available that place. It's ok hurry up we should run this way till see other port the reach to port after one hour both of them leg and hand abrasion and bleeding and coming pain all over the body the fortune no one feel them escape from camp. Listen to carefully again but no difference sound avoid blowing wind. They get in to the boat and fill the tank with fuel and the boat push to water and start engine for cross the sea. The sea is very calm if not avoid moon light the land of sea coming pure light everywhere when starting boat smith and Paul embrace with acute hope.
The boat drive very fast and they reach to land within 20 hours and make complain and whole story stated to police officer accurately and show the map for easy to find criminal place.
Chaminda Pushpadewa

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