Breast Cancer Defiant Bra Tattooed Life Choice Poem by Terence Craddock

Breast Cancer Defiant Bra Tattooed Life Choice

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a blue flying butterfly a brown squirrel ferns
berries violet yellow daffodils blue bird flies
bright sharp inked tapestry in rainbow colours
tattoos enclosed in chain graphic bra designs

courage etched in hues takes multiple forms
trauma has mind splinter many edged facets
behold a statement of courage written in art
honour courage honour all who need support

after surviving cruel breast cancer drastic measures?
would you still feel be a beautiful sensual woman?
after losing shock womanhood cut off bresasts nipples?
is surviving is woman's courage worthy of admiration?

would you hide in a corner hide from world?
could you naked new figure mirror face behold?
how will you face pity in old friends family?
how will you face horror in eyes of scrutiny?

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Split image from the poem 'Declaration Post Breast Cancer Courage' by Terence George Craddock.
Inspired by an internet posted photo, of a breast cancer surviving woman, with the above described tattooed bra.
Dedicated to all breast cancer victims.
Written in April 2014 on the 9.4.2014.
Michael Walker 26 November 2016

Very effective rhetorical questions about the heartbreaking subject of breast cancer, or any other cancer. 'How will you face horror in eyes of scrutiny? ' A particularly strong last line.

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Terry Craddock 26 November 2016

it seems to me that medical treatment and flavour of the month attitudes are often too clinical, too judmental; it does not matter why post mortem people have developed cancer, what matters is how we support and care for all victims of cancer and all affected family and friends; I believe kindness love sincerity caring are all healing; good hearts always support and bless with the starling beauty of loving kindness; good hearts see beauty in many things and situations, to sow beauty into tragedy is to honour life and loved ones

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Terry Craddock 17 August 2014

Cancer is a serious issue, if cannot support the issue of breast cancer and the issue of early cancer detection, and labels this poem an unsuitable message, then there is nothing more to be said. The poem is already posted on 'WILD BUNCH' and 'Gold Poetry' where serious issues are allowed to be addressed.

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