Terence George Craddock Poems

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Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

A Tribute To The Poet M. Asim Nehal

a tribute written for sacred words
in recognition of a masterpiece poem
the poem 'A Prayer For Humanity'
written by the poet M. Asim Nehal

Beautified Humanity: Never Unless Outlawing Pimped Wars!

survival animal at any cost falling from cliff top height
to break broken crushed lost was not humanities destiny
but humanity has applied this hunting technique repeatedly

Dearly Departed Leaves Echoing Silences

I came looking for you
as I do several times a day

Painter Thought Felt Meant?

artist painter
are you alone
in your mind
painting pictures?

Poetry Infuses Poet Soul Journey

poetry to poets
is part soul whispers
poets haunted word images

Death A Door Opening Into Perfection

with dissipating life breaths
with pale shadow breaths
until the mirror remains clear glass;
until heat breath moisture

Poetry As An Expression Of The Poet's Soul

poetry is an expression of the poet's soul
poetry must take on myriads of forms
in myriads of emotive themes tones

Shadows Cast Memories

our memories click emotions
re-presenting life our wick lives
demand selective screening

Colleen Courtney An Inspiration

literature poetry
for souls who love
the beauty of words
beauty bound in words

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