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water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

survival animal at any cost falling from cliff top height
to break broken crushed lost was not humanities destiny
but humanity has applied this hunting technique repeatedly

I came looking for you
as I do several times a day

artist painter
are you alone
in your mind
painting pictures?

poetry to poets
is part soul whispers
poets haunted word images

with dissipating life breaths
with pale shadow breaths
until the mirror remains clear glass;
until heat breath moisture

poetry is an expression of the poet's soul
poetry must take on myriads of forms
in myriads of emotive themes tones

literature poetry
for souls who love
the beauty of words
beauty bound in words

our memories click emotions
re-presenting life our wick lives
demand selective screening

an absence of but a year and a half
all is changed among these scattered
leaf poets friends; several more gone
of my favourite leaf poets those leaves

all religions fail will fall if when greed
envy corruption taint spring source purity
of inspired original gifts given insights miracles

I believe in peace and have been persecuted
for a love of peace belief for many years
by people brain washed into thinking war is
right war is good, and peace is weak peace

a blue flying butterfly a brown squirrel ferns
berries violet yellow daffodils blue bird flies
bright sharp inked tapestry in rainbow colours
tattoos enclosed in chain graphic bra designs

will it matter when I'm dead, if no one prays for me
if God sees all knows all, then he must see to heart of me...
a stranger standing by a grave, no outcome could he change
words were said, deeds life done, prayer outcome does not change...

once upon a time in the wilderness
often an engineer was also a pioneer
snap bang time flash gone is wilderness
city you live in might have been wilderness

glass breaks in cobweb fracture splinters
so beautiful like a spiders spun web circle
delicate lines fractures eruption lace surface

when the light fades when soulless shade grey stays
when the sun lacks lamp shiny bright vigorous life heat
when the body is cast down in black gloom defeat beat

I give gift smiles
sparkling radiant smiles
trade smiles gift given
for those with tears

lost in stray mist fog romance
no direction fog mist endless
lost unsure where here is
lost unsure where home is

You may not need me now,
not tomorrow, maybe not ever.
But even if for just an instant
you feel alone, remember

Terence Craddock Biography

Life. (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) or (afterglows echoes of starlight) are mirrors, reflections, images of life. The concept, agenda was to write slices of life, splices, dealing with morality and motivating factors, which make people think. In an increasingly technological world, where black and white often degrades into shades of grey, complex or trivial, beautiful or ugly; I wrote to read smoothly or grate, with many shades in between. I believe poetic themes topics, sometimes suggest or demand to be written in specific ways, to highlight spotlight or suggest an idea or series of ideas, or to reflect a favour shade of life. People seem to believe the persona and tone of a poem reflects the belief system of the poet, but persona and tone if used skillfully create emotive responses, desired thought upon a topic identified and written upon. Poetry can cover or address intense, personal, mundane or generic topics and themes, but the aim to illustrate and portray grains of truth pertaining to the human condition. Does not matter if a poem is good or bad, if an element of reality is captured through the looking glass or sliced under the microscope? Beautiful or nice poems are appreciated, but the reality of the human condition also includes less noble aspects of human behaviour. Thus the rational for spectral images and images of life, is to include snapshots of society, past and contemporary. Global issues, universal themes, define a broader human experience, therefore brushstrokes can be precise or rapid rushed ugly; will not suit all tastes, but life is simple complex, tragedy comedy and tragicomedy is true to reality. Life is glorious or conflicted, as changeable as the weather in some locations, or mundane and predictable, but life should contain myriads of emotions. Perhaps I caught a little of this in nets of words, some poems may grate, poke in the eye, hook the mouth; because themes can demand variety with a contrast of conflicting words, the world sings or screams words at us, we can listen in multiple ways. I write when time allows, sometimes prolifically, usually with love and pleasure, which writing poetry provides. Lovers of poetry will find topics like love and nature among my poems and also a few less common. Hopefully some poems you will like, others will not appeal, this is the nature of diversity and our personal preferences. I wish you joy in the quest of finding and reading poetry that appeals to your own soul and specific tastes.)

The Best Poem Of Terence Craddock

Water Of Life

water flowing
in mountains streams creeks rivers
water trickling
racing to fill ponds lakes oceans

water mist breath allowing
myriad life possibilities
water small droplets sowing
web of life potential diverse forms

without water there would
be no magnificient
earth life lusting swarms

vast planet wide oceans
filling teeming brimming
with species complexities

water vast percentages
of amazing cells
that strata comprise
all living organisms

water sustaining
growth creating
spun life webs
unique ecosystems

food all food
fresh has reserves
of water bound

within water is
our life liquid
requirement most

sustaining nurturing thing

have you not heard
that humans
can go without
food longer

than without
prime life requirement
fresh clean sweet
running water

news flash without
water all life would die
realize without

water we could
not even cry
water an important

part of vibrant
healthy cells
water cool sweet
waits flavours

community wells
water circulates
in myriad plants
to carry distribute

water circulates
in people to oxygenate

blood energies
water needed by dependent
earth life cycles

to survive

without elixir of life
water earth
will not be alive

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Terence Craddock Comments

Terry Craddock 28 December 2015

Pragmatism as an ideal? An interesting label which I would be honoured to wear, the problem with prolific writing is that we fall under many labels and academic attempts at definition often come not during but after the event. 'Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition that began in the United States around 1870. Pragmatism rejects the idea that the function of thought is to describe, represent, or mirror reality. Instead, pragmatists consider thought an instrument or tool for prediction, problem solving and action. Pragmatists contend that most philosophical topics—such as the nature of knowledge, language, concepts, meaning, belief, and science—are all best viewed in terms of their practical uses and successes.' Influences for pragmatism included 'Francis Bacon who coined the saying ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power) ', 'David Hume for his naturalistic account of knowledge and action', 'Thomas Reid, for his direct realism', 'Immanuel Kant, for his idealism and from whom Peirce derives the name pragmatism', ' G. W. F. Hegel who introduced temporality into philosophy (Pinkard in Misak 2007) J. S. Mill for his nominalism and empiricism', 'George Berkeley for his project to eliminate all unclear concepts from philosophy (Peirce 8: 33) ' and 'Henri Bergson who influenced William James to renounce intellectualism and logical methods'. My favourite protopragmatist is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Ramesh T A 30 January 2016

Forward looking writers of your calibre are always welcome to do their best through poetry to higher level all the people of the world to live better as one humanity in One World! All the best always!

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Eric Cockrell 28 June 2016

A light in the darkest wilderness, A voice, and a song! Right beside you, brother!

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Howard Savage 28 December 2015

You have a profound concept of life, but there are many concepts that enhances life. pragmatism absent of being dogmatic.

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Mahtab Bangalee 29 September 2020

It's difficult for me (cause I'm still a novice writer) to write about this poet for his scholastic genius. Whenever I come to his writings and go through his poems then get special something about depth of poetic expressions. It's always praiseworthy note that his all collaborating literary works are excellent beside his own creative writings. I wish always a brilliant highest success of this poet in his literary life.

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Tom Yetman (Montreal) 14 April 2022

I have enjoyed Terries poetry for over 25 years and look forward to many more years of it to come.

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Tom Yetman (Montreal) 14 April 2022

I have been reading and enjoying Terry's poetry for 20+ years and I am very happy to have discovered this sight so I may enjoy many more years of his work.

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Manjeshwari Poet 26 November 2020

well..Sorry I wasn't able to read some of your comments and poems..some problem with the website I guess.. well..I read ''Mona Lisa Ghost Smiles In Aerial Perspective'' and ''Misty Mona Lisa Personified Dawn''. So..it makes 8 poems dedicated to me....Thanks for the Honour..I am humbled and Honoured..

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Manjeshwari Poet 26 November 2020

well..Sorry I wasn't able to read some of your comments and poems..some problem with the website I guess.. well..I read ''Mona Lisa Ghost Smiles In Aerial Perspective'' and ''Misty Mona Lisa Personified Dawn''. So..it makes 8 poems dedicated to me....Thanks for the Honour..I am humbled and Honoured..my 4 lines Quatrain " Misty Sunshine " inspired you to write 8 poems..

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Manjeshwari Poet 26 November 2020

would be more interesting if you could write one poem with all of it..like Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.. composition of the best in one..just a suggestion..I also read the two lines written by you in the comment..Inspired by my poem Moonlight Pearls! ..Thanks :)

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Terence Craddock Quotes

it is always best to work together to resolve problems to restore harmony rather than to stir dissension create havoc by playing blame games

People will betray us disappoint us. Over time people will use us abuse us. But it is our decision judgement to trust interact with others. People of all races religions cultures are minds which will teach us also lessons in compassion and love. All people are personalities in flux, imperfect potentially ridden by emotions. Upon occasions, flash point dynamic moments, all may potentially hurt us. Therefore cultivate wisdom, strive to attain reason, balance kindness. Never calculate cultivate revenge. Return only good to others and ride the karma of a beautiful soul.

'writers paused too long in rest cease to be writers, writers must return to imaginative beckoning worlds of words, writers must write or lose themselves, an essential part of their being; writers must chase the falling leaves of words that entice to write out their existence'

'Waste for profiteering is a crime, greed is a cause, love compassion and sincere organized efforts to solve global problems are attempts at solutions.'

'giving water food medicine housing to suffering people makes us humanitarian, giving weapons supporting wars makes us oppressors of the victims of conflict'

Love has had a cast of millions millions billions throughout history. But it is always the personification of a single dancing or kissing couple. It is the essential single solitary pair standing glowing in the spotlight of eternity.

It is good to write to refresh the artistic soul.

'Peace is not abstaining from an act of war, but the coming of a state of mind, embracing tolerance respect love, of other countries cultures religions.'

Love passion deep emotions, have times of 'If I could but forget', when ecstasy of love awoken, fades into bitter ashes of regretful despair. This raises the famous question, is it better to have loved and lost, or would sanity peace of mind choose, not to have loved at all?

tyrant can behead head from body but not nobility from mind

some artists believe they choose to create art, no art chooses us possesses us enslaves us, there is nothing brave in artistic choices, driven artists compulsive arts are foolish slaves without choice

when it comes to words, a vast sea of images lakes of contrast await, a universe of words laps in rivers of my mind

when it comes to censorship the shallow read censor faceless, will wield disproportionate power deleting exquisite art on prudish whim, thus the moral seems to be the empowered prude is ever the enemy of art

we are the state of soul prepared for war, evil opposes us suppresses us kills us, but upon the bridge of our bodies peace walks

promote equality for people, establish quality of life for people, tar oil companies carbon fuel giants, with white feathers of creed greed crimes, against ravished environment disposed people; stop suppression of zero point energy technologies, use unified field theory free clean energies, to establish now paradise living conditions, for every nation culture religion for all people

the genuine is born within us with the courage to cut all strings and fly freedom in the horizons of our own skies

Care for people so they can care for themselves, nurture strength faith confidence abilities, educate empower people to provide quality in lives.

sometimes insomnia is a catalyst to producing inspired art sometimes we must just surrender slip past insomnia and rest

Flicked away former alliances, changing international agendas, friends allies becoming enemies? Intelligent minds recognize self serving agendas, fleeting alliances, in politics.

life we only get gaps in the rush between the demands

flippant throw away phrases, distilled sum total of all learned, defines wisdom of all my ages

indifference is the seed of death, we may cut off our own hand to escape the chain which binds our hand, cut off our own foot to escape the iron grip of the trap cutting into our leg, but we cannot cut out our heart with indifference; indifference withers rots the soul in the blood of innocence, not cleansed in the heart of divine compassion, empathy given in the salve of action to aid heal provide for the afflicted

the gift of words without effort framed within a poet's mind often holds the beauty of universal truth

Politics and religion were intermixed thousands of years before recorded history began, and will continue to be interwoven for as long as ruling power manifestations, can squeeze and manipulate into being, their personal agenda programs; by perverting zealot fundamentalist fanatical religious ideals.

misfortune is often paved with hate, or too little done by too few too late, urgent needs are best done well not late

we can be chained in thoughts which ride our emotions, defy reason, dominate our minds and compel our actions; or we can decide to release ourselves from the past, to accept who we are and all actions which have contributed to our present personality and conscious awareness, to strive to be that which we want to be and desire most to be. We can make peace with our past, any mistakes made, live in the present and move into the freedom of our future.

Patriotism is legalized government murder, only sly agendas differ, allies today enemies tomorrow, unseen hands roll the dice.

almost anyone can stir up strife and anger, it takes wisdom and skill to still and smooth troubled waters

people are perhaps phobia afraid of failing, because dreams possess possibilities of winning, without chance dreams is flat line nothing

The time has come to go beyond targeting only corporations, it is time to target the meanest greediest business people and politicians supporting this exploitation status quo, it is time to face off with greed corruption, dirty business people and dirty politicians, it is time to reclaim citizenship rights and human rights.

flippant or deliberate reality distortions, most people have axes to grind pet projects, there is emotive fact or invented fictions

What gets rewritten, written out, or deleted from recorded history, is often more interesting; than half the official scripts.

Censorship however justified, is normally a cowardly part of the problem, a refusal to face issues unpleasant urgent, freedom of speech; especially facing confronting unpalatable issues, is normally part of the solution.

Differences between sad remembrance ceremonies honouring the dead, and government romance parades glorifying war, justifying new wars; remembrance of sad tragic youth soldiers lost serves as a warning, do not enter lightly into conflict zones swift foolish run off to fight wars, saber rattling foolish leaders politicians too soon condemn, new generations of healthy steadfast youth into hellstorm baptism of fire; abstain from war, let children bury parents in natural cycle of life, let not old crippled parents bury their babies as young men as slain blown apart dead.

The heartless have no colour, seems too often suits have no heart, possessions will never fill the void of an empty heart, materialism will never buy back a sold out soul, to give freely without expectations is to ride the joy of karma waves of light, security built upon possessions invokes thieves demons stealing karma of redeeming light.

workers beware build strong unions or perish under government indifference or abuse

oppressors of liberty will corrupt righteous anger opposing unjust systems, into scapegoat hatred for individuals, which can then be prosecuted by stealers of justice and freedom

Authority is pride lead by a figurehead principal, but not by moral accountability; a principal is a principle obstacle to progress, vanity rules stupidity wears head masks.

the past shames us, with resolve to strive, to make a more compassionate future, where justice will apply to all, regardless of religion, colour, ethnic background or economic means

liberty is being lost in the pursuit, time for everone with an ounce of moral fibre to start chasing justice, because it is obvious contemporary government will steal justice but not give justice, we the citizens of the world must reclaim and encode justice back into global laws ourselves

sometimes I write like this, as fast as a quick sketch artist can draw, I have an eye in the mind for detail, a heart sensitive to the touch, I see beautiful pictures in my mind, I see perspectives of life sliced both glorious and ugly, sometimes I just dream my sketches pictures, both sleeping or half awake, sometimes I put nothing on paper, never lift a pen, never put a single finger to the key board, but oh the paradise of dreams lets me sleep or wake with estatic heart beats

a brief flash in time defined best I can write ever for all of my life this piece seals my literary legacy

arrogance despises and hates the poor, a rich man's disease, caught by many rich people, but not all, happily many rich people in caring countries are philanthropists

There is no self defining expression save in immediate experience... yet there exists an imaginative power beyond the conception of supposed all knowing... though faintly grasping continually aspiring humanity...

a sea of misfortune an ocean of heartache does not justify a single act of cruelty or intolerance unleashed against other people

People who worship extreme wealth possessions greed overflowing create a mountain of bad karma between their evil deeds and harmony happiness contentment overflowing

Pregnant mothers are sacred, we hold the fate of not one but two lives, within the love care of our helping hands.

Racism finds no home in the heart of an enlightened soul. Many proclaim their faith, but few live their faith with every breathe breathed, to the core of their being, to depths of not a judgemental; but a compassionate soul.

from the weariness and suffering in our own lives, and in suffering in the lives of others, may come the resolve determination to give gift kindness, rather than the seeds of discontent

Life has various checks balances, beware false weights false values, consider truly valuable assets experiences friends, not valued wisely; not appreciated until lost.

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Terence Craddock Popularity

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