Brexit Poem by Edwin Hopper



Course I hate this damned EU.
It's time we had our Waterloo.
Stand beside the union jack,
and fight to take our country back.

We'll have brand new Morris Minors,
not computers made in China.
And what good was science fact?
We have to get out country back.

Eat old fashioned beans on toast,
in damp cafés on our coast.
No foreign micro wavy snacks.
I want to have my country back.

Watch cricket teams on village greens,
with good hard clouts for noisy teens.
Moral fibre's what they lack!
We need to have our country back.

I blame the Beatles, Rock and Role,
they drugged up our countries soul.
I won't need to have more Prozac,
When I take my country back.

We'll be drinking decent beers,
up our high street, bashing queers.
Kick out strangers, no more blacks.
And then we'll have our country back.

Edwin Hopper

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: aging,class,political,prejudice,racism
Judith Taylor 15 January 2019

I'm with you all the way and I'm just about to make a purchase of one of your products 1

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Annette Aitken 30 June 2016

We'll have brand new Morris Minors, not computers made in China. These lines are really funny, I do agree with most of what you say, but because I am irish living in Scotland, you could be kicking me out to? ? / ha ha :) Annette.

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Edwin Hopper 02 July 2016

My ancestry is about a quarter Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English. I say I'm British, in Africa I said I was European. I don't know what to believe any more. Just wait and see what happens.

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