Brexit And Mars Bars Poem by Andrew Wilson

Brexit And Mars Bars

Brexit was voted for back in June 2016

If this wasn't the case, I just wonder what would have been?

18 months of squabbling, a government in disarray
One day soon, it will be the electorate that will pay.

Elation from the leavers,
the only true believers, little did they know where this will surely lead us.

Duped by Gove and Johnson, in it for themselves, or so the media say, for personal gain, to get their own pay day, selling their story, seeking fame and glory.

Nigel Farage, driven by his own agenda, whatever happened to equality for every race and gender.

The remainers they looked shocked, they stood in disbelief, it was like someone had just died, and they were all mourning in disbelief.

The political agenda it arose from everywhere, Jeremy Corbyn, like a sly fox waiting in his lair.

Theresa did her damndest, she drove her team quite hard, negotiate with Europe, find a deal and don't be Mard.

The trouble is that there is no great deal to be had for both while poor UK likely to diminish with others seeing growth.

After 18 months of waiting, finally a text is drafted, the whole of the UK are feeling well and truly shafted

A divorce negotiated with Donald Tusk and Michel Barnier, the UK team did not succeed, they just want it to go away. Our main negotiators bidding their leave, what chances for the country does this situation leave.

Ministers could not continue with this living hell. Dominic Raab voted with his feet, Esther Mcvehy walked as well.

Resignations from the cabinet, each of them a voice, remember please remember- there is another choice!

We all awaited for Gove to go, to send Theresa May packing, but was it just a Mars bar that saved us from this further lashing.

A hard Brexit would be a disaster, and we all know what this would mean, Jeremy Corbyn and a visit to the Queen.

This man the communist, who supports the left wing factions, not forgetting our concerns of his other interactions.

A fresh referendum is what the UK needs right now, it's the only fair way to end this big bloody big row

Britain wake up - get up off your seat - do it right now, before we've all been beat!

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