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When I was at school
Doing my exams
I got it on my fingers
I got it on my hands

Brexit was voted for back in June 2016

If this wasn't the case, I just wonder what would have been?

So, It's goodbye Boris
Hello to Liz
What will she have in store for us,
Maybe a little more showbiz?

The home of the brave
A cry, we hear our beloved neighbours rave

It was November 1989
The day the sun began to shine
A period from 1961, that we must now dwell upon.

The universe is very much an empty space
Yet in it there is room for the entire human race
Over many years it appears we evolve and transform
We kill, if it means we can truly keep warm

A man, who dedicated his life,
To duty, to serve, to his darling wife

He stood tall, travelled the world

Boris Johnson is on his way
Theresa May, she had her day

Corbyn the commy, he couldn't be trusted, the sneer on Keir Starmer, he probably is busted

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Remembering School

When I was at school
Doing my exams
I got it on my fingers
I got it on my hands

The teacher gave it to me
God I loved the smell
The distraction from the questions
It made me high as hell

It smelled of Parma violets
I remember vividly
The girl in the orange socks
Sat right next to me

Smells of the past, memories evoked
Girls you eyed in the classroom, of the thoughts you had, also some reflections that make you feel quite sad

Hormones they were raging
Young lads burning with desire, it was the teacher who gave out the sheets
Who we'd most desire

Years pass by, memories lost, Passions rose again
amazing what effect it has
that curious sense of smell

Teachers leaning over,
Handing out the papers
Oh I really couldn't wait
For more of the lovely vapours

The teacher heading over
Like puppies in a sack
I cranked my neck to take a look, I nearly broke my back

I think I caught a glimpse, a nipple could it be
Oh no, that girl in orange socks is staring back at me

I feel a glow between my legs, it feels a trifle warm
I also remember the smell of polish in that old school hall.

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