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Bride Song

Rating: 3.1

From 'The Prince's Progress'

TOO late for love, too late for joy,
   Too late, too late!
You loiter'd on the road too long,
   You trifled at the gate:
The enchanted dove upon her branch
   Died without a mate;
The enchanted princess in her tower
   Slept, died, behind the grate;

Her heart was starving all this while
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losandu pothupitiya 10 December 2018

its a comparison between natural things and man-made things. i enjoy and appreciate the poem very much!

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Savita Tyagi 20 July 2015

Beautiful poem full of tenderness. Touches the heart with its delicacy.

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Kim Barney 20 July 2015

A beautiful poem about lost love and lost opportunities. Two sayings come to mind: He who hesitates is lost. You snooze, you lose. Finally, PH has chosen a poem worthy of being poem of the day.

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Paul Reed 20 July 2015

Immensely regretful and sad, opportunities missed that will never reappear

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Julie Hernandez 21 December 2007

The poem is really touching. It tells you the way love may waste one or two souls who cannot find love. You feel it.

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