Brother Poem by Hannatu Pqrs


Have you forgotten so soon,
That we were once one,
Living as would a family,
Having the same hands
Wearing the same face,
And most importantly,
The same skin colour?

Certainly, you have forgotten.
Aah! Your crossing the oceans,
And the change in climate,
And food and others,
Has put strange ideas into your head
And made you forget
That, though you mock me and tell your sons
That I once limped and had hair all over me,
And, added to others,
A tail,
It wasn't I alone.
You were all the while by my side.
Do not mock me!

My blood runs through yours,
And therefore, yours through mine.
Be blue or green in the eye,
If you like,
And light in skin.
And of the produce of the hand,
Be more mysterious and superior.
But the whole enchilada of old times
That you are I, and I you.
Brother, brother, do not mock me!
Brother, brother, you mock you.

Is my backwardness not of your making?
Did you not return,
After some time,
To steal from me that which,
If you had stayed,
Would have belonged to all of us?
And you dare talk to me of civilization!
I did not kill millions of my brothers
In the gas chamber,
Nor did I take the fertile land that belonged
To my neighbouring brothers.
I did not ever profess to the world
That my ‘race' was superior, and
Therefore, proceed to eliminate all others!
And I most certainly didn't leash my
Forgotten brothers,
As I would a dog,
And force them to do that which I wouldn't!

Dare you ever talk to me of civilization again,
You threshold of uncivilization!
For it looks to me,
Nay, even to a mere toddler, it would seem
That in that area,
You rank the lowliest!
Dear, dear brother,
Mock me not!

Friday, October 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: africa,man,racism
Deluke Muwanigwa 02 October 2020

We are together brother. I think these things take time the more we mingle and mix and write poems we all realise we are just human. Good poem bro

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