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I am a retired Electrical Engineer, now a farmer and a poet. I have never been to poetry school and have learnt a lot here on PH.

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05 February 2021

It does not matter what you believe, what you do is what matters.

24 February 2021

We went to war to free ourselves so that we can be free to oppress ourselves

01 March 2021

Try try try again, but expect disappointment and you won't be disappointed.

04 March 2021

When a poet writes the truth a poem writes itself.

06 March 2021

Freedom fighter, remember freedom cannot be maintained by force of arms.

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Ph On Ph

Ph on PH

I would like to take the Ph on PH
To scientifically verify the acidity
Poetically clarify some validity
See how some poems fit the bill
Measure the writer's literary skill

Clint Eastwood said it very well
"There are two kinds of people my friend"
Those with a loaded gun and those who dig"
So even poets there many types i m afraid
Some write small, some write well and big

Some commit a crime don't rhyme
Others commit a sin their verse you can't sing
Scientifically their Ph on PH is zero
Poetically their status quo is hero

Some write politically sensitive issues
Some phoenetically make us use tissues
Their poems so moving you sob embarrased
Your life experiences making you feel harassed

Some are wrapt in getting the structure right
But the poem is vague just a nonsense write
Some poems are like movies so vivid
Clear in detail like ice when it's liquid

Knowing the forms if poetry very well
Is well and good and this we can really tell
But what is it you want say, say it well
So that your story someone else i can tell

Master Bruce Lee of the Jeet Kune Do fame
Said it well in his Game of Death game
Said, if you have become adept and proficient
Throw away all you learned, be efficient

I could go on and on and on and on and on...and on and on
But, there is a ring ring ring i think its my phone
I ask, what kind of poet are you, your Ph?
Who am i, though, just an upstart here on PH.

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