Bull Roar Poem by Troy Cochran

Bull Roar

Rating: 5.0

The persistence of shook leaves
Clinging so tenaciously to life and limb
Is all the roar of my October thinking now.
I, too, am such a tree as all these giants

Standing so forlorn and lordly in our tattered sleeves
Of last year's imagery, bare bark of skinny arms
Just beginning to elbow through, and bull elephant trunks
Of threadbare knees, belligerent and unyielding
In this swarm of clinging leaves:

Too many me's I want to tusk and gore
And stampede over; but no mighty roar of word or wind
Will have them all down, these
Little enemies!

I want to re-dream a plethora of new me's;
I have ten-thousand itches I am reaching for!
And this is not the season for so many bees:
Beeing, when all I want to do is sleep and dream and snore;

But nettled by mere imitations limbed to me
Who mock my roar.

Friday, September 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: metamorphose,october,seasons,self,self help
And old poem from 2008, that came to mind upon receiving sound advice from Practicing Poetess on the necessity for developing a thick skin in the face of rejections from the old publishing order. It put in my mind a vision of wearing these old elephant pants. If you're in need of thick skin, you might try these on for size!
Kumarmani Mahakul 09 October 2017

Clinging so tenaciously to life and limb, the persistence of shook leaves. Like breeze given by trees, mind gives rise to brilliant perception. Standing so forlorn and lordly in our tattered sleeves we observe bull elephant trunks. Re-dreaming a plethora of new theme amazes mind entirely in this imagery. The roar is mocked and brilliance is roared. An amazing poem very powerfully presented during this October in self seasoning with bright reasoning....10

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Troy Cochran 31 October 2017

'The roar is mocked and brilliance is roared.' I like it. I may make that my epitaph! Very interesting comments you've made here. I thank you for them. :)

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Bernard F. Asuncion 29 September 2017

Such a very interesting poem... a huge 10++++++

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Troy Cochran 30 September 2017

Thank you, Bernard, it is much appreciated. :)

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