Troy Cochran Poems

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A Strange Attractive Power

It is the cocktail hour.

Too late
for sneaking up the chimney, bounding

Small Things

I can't eat a mountain of ice cream.
Just give me the cherry on top!

I can't make a living at poetry;

Moose Junction

I still like to break the ice
Of puddles where I can.
At the junction down a ways
I'm a bull in a china shop;

On Wanting To Be Like Hafiz

I want to brag my Sun
outpouring from my eye
could bring a stubborn bud to blossom.

The Winter Sonnets Of Ebenezer Scrooge (Sonnet 58)

The solemn silence of my street informs
This lonely miser of his well-deserved
Christmas Eve: white diamonds glittering more
Than I have earned in all my muddy seasons.

The Art Of Falling

To shed all pretense to being good and great;
To undisguise,
And make open confession of oneself
Of all one's lifetime of triteness and lies;


May a sprig of new green emerge
from every branch and twig
that I have pruned and hacked;

A Gift Of Truffles

The trouble with truffles
When you have the snuffles
Is a mouthful of phlegm.

Frankenstein's Dream

Me know the names of things,
But not yet the feelings in their beings.

Me know you have to hold a thing,


Take me back to Appletown.
I missed a few and now I've found.
I'm on a quest
For the Holy Grail of pommes!

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