Bumper Stickers Poem by David Kowalczyk

Bumper Stickers

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1. Life Is The Path
2. He Who Hunts Two Rats, Catches None
3. Disregard Reality
4. I Think, Therefore I'm Dead
5. Common Sense Keeps Most People Common
6. Passion Is A Law Unto Itself
7. Where Is Heisenberg When We Really Need Him?
8. You Can't Lose Something You Never Had
9. If You're Not Rich Now, You Never Will Be
10. It's Not Really Your Dream Until It Comes True

Gertrude Siegel 12 September 2009

You are a very wise man, David.

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Linda Ori 05 January 2008

How 'bout........ 'When in doubt, check it out' - 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' These came, of course, from the minds of some incredibly wise individuals - but I like yours as well. Thanks! Linda :)

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Mark Mywords 04 January 2008

Are you an 'academic' poet? Your poems have an honesty and accessibility that are not part of that 'genre' or 'subgenre'.... I think Justin Case had a very good idea.

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Justin Case 04 January 2008

Have you ever thought of actually producing bumper stickers bearing these messages? Hmmm? Kudos, as usual. Yours is a voice far removed from the pretension and elitism of most 'academic' poetry.

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Ward Rasmussen 03 January 2008

Have you ever really seen any of these on a car?

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David Kowalczyk

David Kowalczyk

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