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Burden Laden Heavier The Weight - Poem by Wilfred Mellers

Burden Laden Heaver The Weight
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Saturday, October 31,2015

Should have figured it all out
Should've known what it was all about
Should have never let you in
Should have never let you under my skin

I see you were just like all the rest
In my life, you were only a guest
Should have known by the way you were dressed
Words for feelings never expressed

Should have seen it all coming
That little voice in my ear was humming
Your ways and means weren't forthcoming
Should have seen the monster you were becoming

So easily harvested at the bar
Should have seen you for what you are
Smitten for you caught my eye
Once again it was all a lie

Your figure was the trigger that you pull
Abrasive nature like common steel wool
Wasted time here lays the crime
Many bridges to cross and many walls to climb

Suicide never applied for you were never worth it
A shrewd bandit working for your own benefit
Roads paved you laid with question signs
Sour grapes brew such bitter wines

Should have realized you could never be mine
Still, you sent shivers up and down my spine
Manipulating and cultivating of the worse kind
Eyes wide open yet I was still so blind

For the lies you told was so easily sold
Your conscience must have been paroled
Callous the wind that blows for things to behold
Cold meaningless words said to have and to hold

From a distance I watched it all unfold
Words uttered you couldn't uphold
The prospector mines the fool's gold
It's my entire fault for in advance I was told

If only the fool only knew
Picture painted landscapes seldom true
Never saw straight but at a skew
Stuck in my jaw and I could not chew

Patiently waiting for the gumshoe
Over the wall, my intellect flew
I could have never tamed the shrew
Just another chump standing in an endless queue

As the ship capsized I realized far too late
The trap sprung and I was the bait
The very lifeboat I had wouldn't inflate
So much to tender and on my plate

The horse ran last out the gate
Circumstances now dictate a new mandate
No more time for more silly debates
The situation now predicates

All things fall small or great
Apples and oranges will never equate
Envy and greed are truly innate
Burden laden heavier the weight

Topic(s) of this poem: reflection, sorrow

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