Burning Desire Poem by Charnen Postrano

Burning Desire

Rating: 5.0

As I walked the halls with a frowning face.
I started thinking of how we should've dance with grace.
As the time past by I am slowly losing chances.
Should I give up? Or should I stay like this forever?

Should I continue to walk barefooted on top of a burning stone? Or stop before I die?
Am I inside your mellowed heart? Or just like a gaudy clown I am hallucinating?
Nevertheless, my love for thy will be forever a burning desire.
Just like the twinkling stars, the dancing northern lights at the dark yet bright night sky. I smile every-time I am watching

Just like those precious tulips in front of the horizon you see.
We are bounded in a way of hoping in the midst of frowning.
You became the different colors of my grey skies.
You caused euphoria inside my little world.

O'er the rain we danced with glee and undefining smiles.
Maybe sooner, we will succeed in this bloody battle; turning the vivid memories into what we've hoped.
Maybe someday we'll danced with grace—just like those precious tulips in front of the horizon you see.
As the air touches my face, I have come to witness the love of grace.

The waters in the river made sounds with glee.
Happiness is when I gaze at thy eyes.
This love is not absurd like how fire burns the waters.
I do not sound like the screaming ogre in a forest full of barnacle.
Instead, I sound like a princess in her dreamy years in her castle.

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