- Buying Lunch: : Humour Poem by Alessandra Liverani

- Buying Lunch: : Humour

Rating: 2.7

'I might go out for some lunch, ' was the thought in Bill's head
I'll ask if anyone wants a meat pattie on bread
Lucy in accounts asked if he'd kindly buy
A cheeseburger, large coke and small packet of fries

He strode up to the counter to order this meal
But was confronted with a question which made his head reel
'Do you have a senior citizen's card? ' the young girl asked
'No, I don't', he replied and looked at her askance

The manager, half grown herself, a problem she perceived
The customer of his embarrassment she wanted to relieve
So she stage whispered out loud and clear
'Don't ask them if they have a card, the poor dears

They don't like it if you ask them, even if their hair's grey
It's better not to ask, 'cos you'll only turn them away
They may look ancient, moth-eaten and fossilised
But don't ask 'cos you'll only see the hurt in their eyes'

Bill related this story to a friend of middling years
Which only served to give her an additional fear
If served by a young boy, she wouldn’t feel flattered
If the burger was 10% off, in fact she’d be shattered

(Sydney, Australia-2007)

Alessandra Liverani

Alessandra Liverani

Wollongong, Australia
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