- Where Are My Glasses? : : Humour Poem by Alessandra Liverani

- Where Are My Glasses? : : Humour

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Where are my glasses, where did they go?
I’ve searched high, and I’ve searched low
I looked on the shelf and behind the TV
Where, oh where can my glasses be?

I’ve looked on top of the table, behind the door
Inside the cupboard and inside the drawer
Beside the lounge and under it too
I went outside and checked inside an old shoe

I walked down the hallway and up the stairs
In front of me was a bicycle lying right there
I walked around it and jumped over the toys
Left there by those most lazy of boys

I walked past a doorway, then crawled through a hole
Which led to a cupboard that only contained bowls
I’ve looked everywhere, under each and every bed
The only place I forgot was on top of my head

(Sydney, Australia - 2005)

David Gerardino 22 October 2005

NICE POEM...................................

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Bill Smith 23 October 2005

i get told 'you need them on a chain' liked your poem

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Enjoyed the contagious smile

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Hmm! Loved

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Daniel Jones 25 February 2017

so true! very nice poem, thank you

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William Jackson 07 May 2007

Clever poem and quite true of the 40 somethings like myself.

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Mary Nagy 24 October 2005

I thought this was so funny! Throughout it I felt myself saying...'They're on your head! '....That's where everyone loses them, don't feel bad. Great poem Alessandra. Sincerely, Mary

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Alessandra Liverani

Alessandra Liverani

Wollongong, Australia
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