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By The Lake Of Our Dreams - Poem by Eoshoros

Standing alone with eyes cold
Holding that red flower you gave to me
To ever remember what I mean to thee
Standing alone with eyes cold
Recalling the last time I walked by this lakeshore
'The swansong is beautiful like never before'
Thus were thy prophetic words

Elusions beneath the azure...
You who used to play with her and me
When the moon was not yet old
When our kind was one with this world
Beyond the veils of our tamed thoughts
You who ever cared for her and me
When embraced we walked by thy shore
Elusions ancient beneath...
In thy care I trust
This relic of my broken heart

So sweet and desired the Lethean waters sometimes seem
So pure inside I was
When I let the river to carry away my soul
Yet still I holded with care and love
Thy every smile…
Thy every touch…

The coldness of thy unelusive hand
Will haunt forever my thoughts
Thy kind heart
Will haunt forever my soul
Yet tears don't run and my eyes remain cold
Since so many tears from my eyes have fall
For reasons important to me

Until death do us again one...
Adieu my immortal love

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poem Edited: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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