jamie newcomb

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By The Moonlight - Poem by jamie newcomb

She watched him as he fiddled around in his chair. He swiveled back and forth as he talked. She lay on the bed with a goofy, dorky smile on her face, while she stared at him while he spoke. She loved listening to him talk. His voice soothed her and at the same time drew her into his words. His laugh was irresistible and infectious; always making her laugh with him.

She hadn't realized he had stopped speaking until she noticed his captivating hazel-brown eyes staring at her intently. She couldn't help but giggle. She had zoned out and missed what he had said. Luckily, he was easily distracted. He continued to stare at her, making her laugh harder. He began to banteringly mock her, but she didn't mind. She actually kind of liked it.

She loved that he was always silly; it made every conversation more fun. He could always make her genuinely laugh. She missed laughing all the time. She looked back at him. He was still laughing. She took the opportunity stare at him a moment longer and memorize his features. She was awed by how handsome he looked with his short soft-looking dirty blonde hair, astonishing eyes, deep pink lips, and slim but built figure. His accent could seem to charm her at any moment like a snake charmer playing his flute.

She liked him for more than his dashing good looks, though. She adored his personality. He was very caring; always trying to help other people. She cared what he had to say, but always seemed to get distracted by him. She loved listening to the stories he told of how he had helped someone and made them happy with what he did. He was continuously a gentleman and sweetheart towards her. She couldn't help but blush with each compliment.

She mentally slapped herself for being so silly as to think such crazy things. She blinked and looked back at him, only to see him intently looking at her again. She nodded for him to continue with whichever story he was telling this time. She couldn't deny it when he'd said he was Prince Charming. That was definitely true. She didn't think it was possible, but she wanted to be his Cinderella. Though she wasn't about to tell him that.

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