Nazrana Chowdhury

By The Sea.......! ! ! - Poem by Nazrana Chowdhury

I wait by the sea, mighty old sea,
sitting alone on it's shore......
remembering the moments,
that rolled on to become yesterdays,
and took my soul away......! ! !
My eyes are on the horizon,
where blue sea kisses the sky.
And my thoughts went away,
to the distance, where birds don't even fly.........! ! !

The brisky wind, the roaring waves...
the sea gulls flying above....!
The endless sky, the deep blue sea.....
all are alive, except me? ? ? ?

For a sailor has gone on his voyage.....
with his ship and crew.....?
He took no compass, nor any map.....?
just followed the wind that blew..........?

Sail as much as you want,
in the wide open sea.
It's vastness and wildness,
boosts your wandering nature,
but, are they enough?
to quench your thirst for more...?
for, a sea has a boundary,
it's depthness can be measured,
and is bounded by it's shores....?

The smell of lavender filled the air,
a fragrance that is left behind.
Just like the thirsty waves,
which comes crushing to the shore,
some buried memories of a sailor,
does comes to me.....?
a man who could hide the universe,
in a small grain of sand,
a man, who vanishes in a wisp of vapour,
just to fall again, as rain! ! !

His imagination runs much wider,
when compared to the navigable shores..?
Whose thoughts are deeper than the
which is hidden in his heart's core! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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