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Call It Quits - Poem by Soah '.'

I forgot about you, last night, when I misdailled her in my rage,
And she asked me to explain, I told her it was complicated,
But she said she had time, to kill, and I, fit the bill, so I,
Took our time and told her about how we were slippin
And I love how she just listened as I complained

And oh~, I gotta say, I think she may be an 'Ashley'
Cause she's actin so dang passionate,
She shows me some attention, instead of puttin me on hold,
Heh, she laughed at all my jokes, ya know..

From this stranger, I don't feel a sense of danger
And she makes me wanna surrender all the feelin's I kept hidden
And I don't even know her name!
But I thought, it was okay, I'd ask her in the end cause I'd remember,
But then you texted me and screwed up this nice lil event,

And when she heard me curse~
She asked me what was up..

There was silence on my end.

Then she said she hadta' go, and thats when she hung up the phone
And I hated you, just know, you not allowed to just jump into
My head like that, you screw with me, I gotta say we through
Yeah, I gotta say we through...

And, also this is aimed at yo heart:

She texted me the next mornin and it read
'Oh, and I'm Maria' and I'm startin' to dig the name 'Maria'
So I set things up to meet her, and no, you'll never get to see her
So you can stick to wonderin about how you stand to compete, heh,

How does that feel to you? I hope it broke you up into pieces
Like how you did me when we was two,
Like how you did me when we was goin'
Like when you had control of our du-Oh.
But you messed that tish up. Gone knock that back, whats in yo cup
I still love you but-Aye,
I gotta go.
Duece.: D

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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